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Sig Sauer M400 SDI and Tread: Superior Shootability

Having the correct tool for the job is a must, and it’s even more important when it comes to firearms selection. The Sig Sauer M400 line caters to those individual purposes, and the SDI X-Series and Tread Predator make it even better. These rifles are made to fulfill particular niches for dedicated shooters and hunters while offering reliable performance and accuracy. Interested to learn more? Read on.

sig sauer m400 sdi x series rifle
The Sig Sauer M400 SDI X-Series rifle is designed to be user-friendly and to deliver superior overall performance. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

Sig Sauer provides details of the M400 SDI X-Series:

The SIG SAUER M400 SDI XSERIES packs a rich set of features and upgrades into the M400 platform delivering an advanced performance rifle right out of the box. The M400 XSERIES lower features fully ambidextrous controls, including bolt catch & release, selector switch, charging handle and mag release. Also unique to the XSERIES is a precision machined lightning cut upper and lower with a handguard clamp system designed to minimize deflection when using mounted accessories. Other features include a hybrid flash hider/compensator, 2-Stage Matchlite Trigger and Magpul SL Telescoping Stock.

SIG Sauer M400 tread predator 2 rifle
The Sig Sauer M400 Tread Predator 2 is designed with varmint hunters in mind. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

Regarding the M400 Tread Predator 2, Sig states:

The SIG SAUER M400 TREAD Predator has been specifically built to give Varmint and Predator hunters the features they need and want to be successful in the field.  The custom designed flat bottomed M-lok handguard makes it easy to mount to a bipod or setup on a set of shooting sticks.  The Cerakote Jungle finish provides concealment and protection while the stainless steel 16” barrel delivers maximum accuracy and comes threaded for easy suppressor mounting.  New for 2022 features include the addition of Magpuls PRS Lite Stock, 2-Stage Matchlite Duo Trigger and PRS Style grip.

sig sauer m400 sdi xseries
The Sig Sauer M400 SDI X-Series is designed for tactical applications. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

Features of both the Tread Predator 2 and the SDI X-Series include:

  • M-LOK handguard with lightening cuts to reduce weight, available in 13” and 15” lengths
  • 3 chamber compensator
  • Ambidextrous charging handle made of aircraft grade aluminum and a dual roll pin design
  • ROMEO5 optic featuring a 2MOA dot with ten illumination settings, MOTAC, and 50k battery life
  • Flip-up front and rear iron sights that are easy to install, adjustable, and deploy quickly
  • M-LOK front sight adapter with co-witness height made of lightweight aluminum
  • Multiple configurations of M-LOK grip kits made of high-strength polymer
  • Factory upgraded flat blade, single-stage trigger.


sig sauer m400 trigger
The flat-faced trigger used on both rifles is fantastic for trigger finger contact and control. (Photo credit: Sig Sauer)

These rifles offer the best of the worlds when it comes to versatility and task-specific performance. The SDI X-Series is great for close-quarters and other defensive work while also being good for range work; the Tread Predator 2 is excellent for varmint hunting but also a solid all-purpose gun. These are nice options for a broad variety of uses.

MSRP for the M400 SDI X-Series is unknown but dealers have it listed at $1363.99. MSRP is also unknown for the Tread Predator 2, but it’s shown at $1999.99 at dealers.

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