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Bond Arms .22LR Options for Rawhide and Stinger RS Handguns

No caliber is having quite the resurgence like .22LR, with so many different and interesting options for guns. Bond Arms has recently added a couple more options with .22lr versions of its popular double-barrel handguns, the Stinger RS and the Rawhide.

Rawhide .22LR

Bond Arms Rawhide .22lr derringer
Bond Arms took its popular Rawhide line and gave it another caliber option with the Rawhide .22lr handgun. Weighing 21 ounces and 4.5″ long, this little derringer packs a punch in a small package. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]

The Rawhide .22LR is an addition to the Rawhide line of derringers from Bond Arms that can be both fun and economical. Chambered in a classic American cartridge, the .22LR version of the Rawhide handgun has a stainless steel 2.5” Rough Series style barrel with the stainless steel Cowboy hand-cannon frame, all in Bond Arms’ Rough & Tumble finish.

The Rawhide .22lr frame has thin nylon grips allowing for a solid grip without all the bulk. Weighing in at 21 ounces and 4.5” long overall, the gun would be at home on the range or as a smaller everyday carry. The double barrel design is effective yet small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. Just be careful with the Cowboy frame, since there is no trigger guard.

The Bond Arms Rawhide .22LR has a price tag of $269.

Stinger RS .22LR

Bond Arms Stinger RS .22LR
The Stinger lineup already has caliber options of 9mm, .380, and .38 Special, so why not add a .22LR to round out the popular handgun? The 16-ounce, 5″ long derringer features thin nylon grips for solid contact without extra girth in the hand. [Photo credit: Bond Arms]

Built off the popular Stinger RS platform (the company has models in 9mm, .380, and .38 Special), Bond Arms took the same features, fit, and finish and added the .22LR to the line-up. Coming in at a light 16 ounces, the Stinger RS in .22LR is a solid little choice for a derringer handgun.

The Bond Arms Stinger RS .22lr has a 3” Rough Series style barrel in stainless steel to go with the stainless steel frame. With the shorter barrel, the overall length of the Stinger RS .22lr sits right at 5” with a width of .88”. The frame also has a cross bolt safety and standard thin nylon grips for comfort.

The Bond Arms Stinger RS in .22LR has an MSPR of $269.

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