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DuraMag 20-Rd Aluminum Mag and Suppressor

DuraMag, a well-known Florida-based manufacturer of magazines, has expanded its company to include a suppressor division. Yup, that’s right. DuraMag is getting into the suppressor game.

Since the division is relatively young, think of it starting LATE last year, there isn’t a whole lot of concrete info available for the division or its products. However, the company did show off one of its prototypes at SHOT Show 2023.

DuraMag Suppressor

DuraMag unnamed suppressor
DuraMag surprised SHOT visitors with a lightweight 3D-printed rifle suppressor prototype. More information should come by Spring 2023. (Photo credit: TFB)

Like many of the suppressors from SHOT, this one relies on additive manufacturing, which is a fancy phrase for 3D printing. The key to using this kind of manufacturing is that designers can get shapes that traditional manufacturing cannot.

Initial reporting on the suppressor line-up shows a monocore design made of very lightweight materials, like a titanium or combination with steel for some durability for the rifle suppressor. An interesting feature of the DuraMag suppressor is the user-operated venting on the front endcap. It is a two-piece design that can be opened or closed by removing the inner piece from the cap.

The suppressor is supposed to be launched in the Spring of 2023 and is expected to be around 6.5 inches in length. As stated before, there is no name yet, let alone pricing, so that info will be coming in the next few months as well.

20-Round Mag

Also from DuraMag at SHOT is a 20-round aluminum magazine in OD Green. Normally, a new magazine from a magazine manufacturer isn’t unheard of, but this is something that the military was asking for. DuraMag delivered on that request.

DuraMag 20-rd OD Green magazine
The US Government asked and DuraMag responded. The company now has a 20-rd aluminum OD Green AR magazine. According to the company, the high-strength magazine won’t flex like polymer and is durable no matter how long it sits in storage. (Photo credit: DuraMag)

The 20-round magazine is constructed from 6061-T6 aluminum for a lightweight but durable magazine. It’s a special edition run with an orange follower. According to the company, the color becomes part of the metal and with its Progressive die tooling, Post Hole design, and fully robotic welding, the magazine will be consistent and reliable regardless of how long it’s been in storage. The magazine has an MSRP of $16.99.

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