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CMP Announces Training Opportunities for 2023

The Civilian Marksmanship Program has scheduled their GSMM Master Instructor and CMP Range Officer training courses for 2023.  These courses are designed to offer learning opportunities on how to teach marksmanship, match regulations, and safety in a competition environment.

CMP bull's eye
The CMP announced new training opportunities for 2023. (Photo credit: CMP)

The GSMM Master Instructor training course teaches the fundamentals of marksmanship and match regulations in order for the student to become certified as a “master instructor” for the CMP’s sanctioned Garand, Springfield, Modern/Vintage military rifle, and rimfire rifle events. The cost of this one-day workshop is $135 and includes a notebook, thumb drive, sling, a CMP scorebook, and twenty dummy rounds of ammunition.

CMP-affiliated clubs are highly encouraged to send instructors for this additional training. The ideal candidate should be associated with clubs that need sanctioned rifle clinics, have marksmanship teaching experience, and experience in competing in the Grand, Springfield, Vintage/Modern rifle, or rimfire rifle events.

The CMP Range Officer training course is offered in a Level I and Level II stage. The Level I online course costs $75 but provides holistic training for all shooting categories. The student who successfully completes Level I can opt to move on to the Level II in-person one-day course for an additional $40. Level II is specialized around disciplines including high-powered rifle, bullseye pistol, and small-bore rifle. Topics include the firearms and equipment used, courses of fire, as well as event and safety regulation.

The course dates and locations are as follows:

GSMM Master Instructor Course

  • Butner, NC – April 28
  • Talladega, AL – June 7
  • Camp Perry, OH – July 21
  • Jericho, VT – September 16

CMP Range Officer Course (by discipline)

  • Phoenix, AZ – March 10 (HP rifle and Pistol)
  • Camp Butner, NC – April 28 (HP rifle and Pistol)
  • Talladega, AL – June 7 (HP rifle and Pistol)
  • Camp Perry, OH – July 7 (Smallbore/Rimfire)
  • Camp Perry, OH – July 9 (Pistol)
  • Camp Perry, OH – July 22 (HP Rifle)
  • Jericho, VT – September 17 (HP rifle and Pistol)
  • Talladega, AL – TBA (HP Rifle and Pistol)

For more information on the GSMM Master Instructor or Range Officer training courses visit thecmp.org or contact Kim Filipiak at [email protected].

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