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B&T USA APC9: Lightweight Performance

Lightweight, highly maneuverable guns are fantastic for defensive use. The BT USA line of APC9 guns includes SBR (short-barreled rifle) and pistol variants, each with features designed to give the user a stellar performance. Guns in this line have lightweight aluminum receivers and dimensions that make them easy to transport and maneuver in a variety of situations.

bt usa apc9 gun
Models in the BT USA APC9 line feature a dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating charging handle, improved lower receiver ergonomics including a side positioned bolt hold open/release, removable M4 compatible grips, and Magpul M-Lok accessory slots. (Photo credit: BT-USA)

BT-USA provides details of the line:

These Limited models [are] available in short-barreled rifle (SBR) configurations and feature a newly developed MBT folding and telescoping stock, a fully ambidextrous aluminum lower receiver with a flared magazine well and recontoured M-LOK compatible forends. The Limited Series consist of a 6.9-inch barrel model and a longer 8.9-inch variant; both feature tri-lug attachment systems compatible with B&T’s line of RBS9 tri-lug suppressors, and others featuring this attachment system.

In addition to the new aluminum receiver set, M-LOK accessory slots are positioned at 3, 6, and 9 o’clock, an all-new folding telescopic MDT stock assembly with three-position adjustable cheek riser and eight length of pull settings offers the ultimate in functionality and dialed in ergonomics for shooters of all shapes, sizes, and preferences. A pair of QD sling cups adorn either side of the stock, while a rubberized buttstock offers a secure, yet comfortable purchase. A flat faced Elftmann Tactical trigger system round out these premium variants of our very popular APC9 that are being offered in finite quantities.

APC9 Pro
According to the manufacturer, the APC9 Pro is compatible with standard B&T, Glock, and Sig P320 receivers. (Photo credit: BT USA)

Chris Mudgett Vice President of Marketing, B&T USA, said:

The heart of the new APC9 Limited guns is our new fully ambidextrous aluminum lower receiver featuring a highly functional flared magazine well similar in size and shape to our popular jet-funnel accessory yet formed directly into the receiver. We hit the sweet spot with the 8.9-inch variant with its longer slick forend and MBT stock; this combination makes for an extremely fast-handling, lightweight, ergonomic platform whose fit can be so dialed in, it feels like a natural extension.

BT USA states the APC9 PRO is based on the United States Army and Air Force adopted APC9K submachine gun and utilizes an innovative hydraulic buffer system to drastically reduce felt recoil and muzzle rise. (Photo credit: BT USA)

Features of the guns include:

  • Dual auto-folding, non-reciprocating charging handle. Because it folds, there are fewer protrusions and a lower risk of snagging on objects.
  • B&T USA paid attention to detail to improving comfort and usability with improved lower receiver ergonomics.
  • Side positioned bolt hold open/release offers a visual of when their last shot has been fired.
  • Removable M4-compatible grips make it possible for any M4 platform-compatible grips to be used.
  • Magpul M-Lok accessory slots. M-Lok is the most commonly used mounting system in the firearms industry and having these slots on the handguard makes it possible to add a number of aftermarket accessories such as lights and lasers
  • Multiple stock and brace options are available separately so the firearms can be tailored to specific shooter’s desires thanks to the wide arraw of stock and brace choices.
  • Monolithic machined receivers. As a result of their being created as one piece, receivers are more durable and resistant to damage related to heavy use
  • Hydraulic buffer system is made to absorb a larger amount of energy produced by live fire, resulting in less felt recoil and mitigation of muzzle rise
  • .Complete system integration for improved reliability, accuracy, and longevity
BT USA APC9 Compact
The BT USA APC9 Compact has a 5.7-inch barrel and a folding stock.

These guns are great for home defense, use as truck guns, or just spending time at the range. There are also two models available for training purposes, one that’s inert and the other made for UTMs for simulations. This is a broad, well-thought-out line of guns; whatever you need, BT USA has it.

MSRP for the BT USA APC9 line varies by specific model. Please note certain models are SBRs (short barreled rifle) and will require the associated tax stamp and fees ATF approval.

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