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Vortex Acquires GeoBallistics – The Mag Life

Mobile ballistics software brings fantastic capabilities to our smartphones. Whether you’re creating a D.O.P.E. card or taking notes on handload variations, the possibilities are endless. One popular program is GeoBallistics, a company that’s become known for a number of tools and features that make shooter’s lives easier. Now, the company has been acquired by none other than Vortex Optics. What do you get when you combine a popular ballistics app with a trusted optics manufacturer? The potential for fantastic advances in scope technology.

hunter looking at geoballistics app, prone with rilfe that has a Vortex scope.
GeoBallistics has been acquired by Vortex Optics. (Photo credit: Geoballistics)

According to the manufacturers, the philosophy behind GeoBallistics is similar to that of Vortex. Both brands are focused on creating a superior customer experience through the design and production of quality products. According to Vortex, GeoBallistics products will be added to their existing line for the purpose of enhancing the shooting experiences of everyone from hunters to precision shooters. The program makes it possible for shooters to obtain critical information quickly for accuracy and reliable performance in the field.

geoballistics weather meter
A weather meter is one of the products that work with the app. (Photo credit: GeoBallistics)

Regarding the acquisition, Joe Hamilton, Vortex CEO, said:

We’re always looking for new ways to help Vortex Nation enjoy unforgettable experiences in the field. Acquiring GeoBallistics means we can offer both consistency in our product line and make long-range ballistics simpler and more accessible for everyone.

geoballistics app
The apps works with a number of different visual tools to give shooters the best results possible. (Photo credit: GeoBallistics)

Vortex Optics states that shooters already using the GeoBallistics app shouldn’t be seeing any changes to the existing system. They say the most significant change will be Vortex taking over the customer service aspect of the business.

Does this mean we’re looking at a future that involves improved ballistics-equipped scopes from Vortex? It’s certainly possible, and that would be a welcome addition to the optics maker’s existing line of products. What would you like to see as a result of this acquisition? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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