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Taurus G3 Tactical: a Factory Custom Variant

Taurus, the manufacturer of handguns for defense, hunting, and sport shooting, has upgraded its offers to include the first factory custom variant of the G3 9mm defensive handgun. The G3 Tactical pistol comes ready for duty with design features that accept key user-installed aftermarket upgrades.

Taurus G3 Tactical pistol
Taurus has upgraded its product offerings to include the first factory custom variant of the G3 pistol, the G3 Tactical pistol in 9mm. The G3 comes ready for duty with key upgrades like a threaded barrel, suppressor-height sights, and a flat two-staged trigger.

The Taurus G3 Tactical is a full-size polymer striker-fired pistol that visually sets itself apart from the standard Taurus G3 with its receiver in Magpul FDE and the slide complemented with an element-resistant Patriot Brown Cerakote finish. Offered in either 17- or 10-round magazine configurations, the Taurus G3 Tactical delivers the same ergonomic performance and reliable operation that has made the Taurus G3 handgun a reported leader in the personal defense handgun category.

Understanding that confidence in equipment equates to confident performance in the field, Taurus engineers equipped the G3 Tactical to allow the modern-day personal defense practitioner to build their firearm “their way.”

Optic-Ready Slide

The precision alloy steel slide features the innovative Taurus Optic Ready Option (T.O.R.O.), with interchangeable optic mounting plates to allow easy installation of the most common red dot optics on the market. Compatible mounting patterns include Docter, Venom, FastFire (plate 1), Trijicon RMR, Holosun 407c/507c (plate 2), C-More STS2 (plate 3), and Leupold Deltapoint Pro (plate 4).

Taurus G3 Tactical pistol with light
Keeping the end-user in mind, Taurus equipped the G3 Tactical with modern-day personal defense options. The TORO option, with interchangeable mounting plates for optics, along with the factory threaded barrel means that the user can modify the pistol to meet their needs.

Threaded Barrel

With the growing use of suppressors and aftermarket compensators, the Taurus G3 Tactical also comes with a factory-threaded 1/2×28 DLC-coated barrel. The Diamond-Like Coating’s reduced friction coefficient ensures smooth operation and increased durability. Installation of a custom muzzle device or suppressor is simple, and a thread protector is included for use when the barrel is run “bare.”

Backup Sighting Solution

To accommodate the use of a suppressor or optic, the Taurus G3 Tactical comes with tall co-witness open sights. These offer a clear sight picture when used in combination with most suppressors and aftermarket muzzle devices and provide the much-needed backup sighting solution for use with a red dot optic.

G3 Tactical pistol from Taurus with optic
The G3 Tactical comes standard with suppressor-heigh sights that also co-witness optics, meaning your sight radius won’t be impeded when using with a suppressor.

Pic Rail

Additional features of the Taurus G3 Tactical include a MIL-STD-1913 Picatinny rail to mount a tactical light or laser and a loaded chamber indicator for visual verification if a cartridge is loaded in the chamber. The pistol also comes with a re-strike capability. In the event of a failure-to-fire condition, the shooter can pull the trigger again to re-strike the primer. The manual safety is eliminated to ensure a snag-free deployment and quick engagement in a stressful defense situation.


Assisting in more accurate shot placement and trigger control is the G-Series trigger. This is a two-stage trigger system noted for its light uptake to “the wall” followed by a crisp break. The trigger is further enhanced by a short reset for faster target re-engagement.

G3 Tactical pistol being shot
The G-Series trigger included in the G3 Tactical pistol is a two-stage trigger that is specifically designed to provide a light take-up with a distinct wall, crisp break, and short reset capabilities.

A custom soft case is also included with the G3 Tactical for storage and protection while transporting to the range. MSRP for both the 17- and 10-round Taurus G3 Tactical models is $582.98.

Taurus G3 Tactical Specifications

  • Caliber: 9mm Luger
  • Capacity: 17 or 10 rounds
  • Magazines: 2×17 or 2×10
  • Firing System: striker
  • Action Type: SA w/re-strike
  • Front Sight: fixed
  • Rear Sight: drift adjustable
  • Safety: striker block, trigger safety, visual loaded chamber indicator
  • Frame Size: full size
  • Grip Material: polymer
  • Slide Material: alloy steel
  • Slide Finish: Cerakote Patriot Brown
  • Barrel Length: 4.5 in.
  • Overall Length: 7.76 in.
  • Overall Width: 1.20 in.
  • Overall Height: 5.38 in.
  • Included: custom soft case, threaded muzzle protector

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