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SHOT Show 2023: Real Avid Armorer Products

Real Avid has been taking over the market with well-thought-out Armorer tools but without the large price tag. This year at SHOT Show was no different. Dustin, a Precision Shooter and an employee with Real Avid took us through some of their new products such as an all-in-one Master Gun workstation and some updates to their current products. This includes a larger caliber sleeve for their mag block and different-sized locking keys for their bore guide.

All products below are on the shelves to be purchased but may show out of stock on the Real Avid Website.

Master Gun Workstation

The Master Gun Workstation solves the problems of how to work on your firearm while still being able to easily turn and flip it in one step. Instead of mounting your firearm to a vise, this workstation allows you to set your firearm into the two jaws without locking it in, with confidence that it won’t fall. This enables you to easily do things that don’t involve heavy torque such as changing out fire control group parts or mounting a scope.

The workstation has leveling feet in case your workbench is unlevel, adjustable jaws for different-sized firearms, and holes for holding oil bottles or small parts with an included magnet in the bottom of the workstation to ensure no loss of those small parts.

Price: $199.99

adjustable jaws on Real Avid workstation
The Master Gun Workstation has adjustable jaws to enable users to use this with any firearm, short or long. On the bottom of the workstation, you will see holes for parts and oil bottles.

Smart Assist Accessory System

Another addition to the Master Gun Workstation is the Smart Assist. Often when working on a firearm we will have a YouTube video up on our phone to ensure that we are doing everything right. The phone is usually awkwardly placed on the bench and hard to see and hear while working on the gun. The Smart Assist will hold your phone up high for you with an added light and magnifying glass.

Price: $99.99

Gun Gripper

The patented gun gripper material on the Master Gun station grips the gun without marring it up. It is often hard to find good soft jaws on the market that hold the gun without ruining it. The gun gripper that comes on the workstation will hold your firearm in place without scratching or damaging it.

gun gripper tech in the master workstation from real avid
The patented gun gripper technology from Real Avid gives a soft place to seat your firearm but still gives enough grip to ensure that it doesn’t move. It can be easily wiped down and will not damage your firearm.

Smart Fit AR-15 Vise Block

The Real Avid Smart Fit AR-15 Vise Block works by expanding into the magazine well for a tight fit on the gun. No more sloppy fitting vise blocks. Simply insert the block into the magwell, turn the knob until a tight fit is made (don’t over-expand), and seat the block into the vise.

Price: $39.99

So what about using it for the AR-10?

This year Real Avid released a larger sleeve that fits over the AR-15 Vise Block. This means that you can use the same tool and only need to purchase the sleeve to work on larger pattern guns.

real avid smart mag block
The Mag Block from Real Avid allows users to mount their AR-15 into a vise with ease, no matter the different specs on various lowers. Now real avid has released an AR-10 sleeve enabling you to use the same tool but with a larger sleeve, saving you money.

Pricing and shipping information on the sleeve is to be put out in the future.

Bore Rod and Guide

Also on the lineup for Real Avid is their long gun bore rod and bore guide.

Bore-Max Smart-Rod

An ergonomic handle with a spinning nickle plated bore rod ensures that no damage will be done to your precision barrel when pulling the rod through. Also included in the Smart Rod package is a wall hanger bracket that allows you to properly store your rod on your bench or wall instead of leaning against the wall in the corner of the room.

This rod comes in .22cal-.270cal 36″, .270cal-.45cal 36″, and .270cal-.45cal 44″.

Price: $39.99-$44.99

Smart Fit Bore-Guide

The Smart Fit Bore-Guide allows extra protection when cleaning your long gun with a bore rod.

“The spring-loaded slider locks, providing a secure fitment and ensures a consistent chamber sealing with zero movement when running brushes and patches through your bore. An anodized aluminum tube is designed for lasting durability and the contoured, non-marring, bore-specific tips ensure damage-free, precise fitment on centerfire rifles from .223 – .375 caliber.” -Real Avid

New for shot show this year is the update to their bore guide. Being designed by an employee that is also a precision rifle shooter, this bore guide now has a set of two different-sized locking keys for different-sized ejection ports.

Price: $24.99

real avid bore guide
The bore guide from real avid protects your chamber from expended oil or damage from the rod. The spring tension in the guide ensures that nothing leaves the bore.

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