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Surefire SOCOM556-MINI2 Suppressor – Dark Earth

Original price was: $999.99.Current price is: $949.99.

Manufacturer Surefire
Caliber .223 / 5.56
Frame Finish Dark Earth
Accessory Rail Not Applicable
Warranty Warranty provided by product manufacturer.

The SureFire Mini with maximum sound attenuation
Optimized for 14.5-inch and longer barrels on 5.56 mm M4 variants
Unprecedented performance for its size

Make Every Inch Count. When the going gets tight, an inch can mean the difference between efficiently engaging the enemy or getting caught in a vulnerable position. That’s why we created the SOCOM556-MINI2. It delivers performance levels similar to the model that assured SureFire’s victory in the demanding USSOCOM suppressor trials, but in a more compact package optimized for 14.5-inch and longer barrels. A mere 5 inches long, it places a premium on efficiency and maintains the quality synonymous with every SureFire suppressor. Our innovative internal baffling significantly decreases back pressure, cyclic rate and gas blowback. The net result is a tremendous reduction in sound and dust signature with virtually undetectable first-round flash and minimal, consistent point-of-impact shift.

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