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Shadow Systems SS9F Threaded Carry Cut- 5″ 9mm

Original price was: $1,199.00.Current price is: $1,139.05.

Manufacturer Shadow Systems
Caliber 9mm
Sights (detailed) Fixed (rear), Fiber Optic (front)
Grips Standard – Single Undercut
Frame Finish Black
Slide Finish Black DLC
Barrel Length (in) 5.0 in (est)
Mag Capacity / Rounds 17rd
Number of Mags 2
Accessory Rail Yes
FFL Requirements All firearms must be shipped to a Federal Firearms License (FFL) holder. We cannot and will not ship firearms to anyone but a FFL. We must receive the receiving dealer’s FFL by or email ([email protected]).
Warranty Warranty provided by product manufacturer.

Manufacturer Details:

“We are proud to offer what we believe is the pinnacle of the defensive Glock 17 configuration for a price that is utterly unbeatable. Our pistol is built on Glock’s most proven platform used by U.S. Special Operations – the unstoppable Gen3.

The gun is fully configurable to your exact requirements. Keep it simple with the Carry slide and a basic DLC black barrel, or incorporate precision machine work on the slide and barrel and custom finishes.

Our pistols vastly improve upon the stock Glock grip. We start by removing material beneath the trigger guard (undercut) to allow the pistol to sit as low as possible in the shooter’s hand. This reduces muzzle flip and substantially increases controllability during rapid fire. If you select the premium package, we add a second undercut beneath the trigger guard to improve the positioning of the support hand. The premium package also includes a “scallop” around the magazine button to ease access to the magazine release. Finally, we apply a visually consistent texture that substantially enhances controllability without making the gun so “rough” that it is uncomfortable to carry.

The premium grip job increases the price of the pistol quite a bit due to the substantial amount of handwork that is required (it takes literally 4 times as long to produce a premium frame). If you are a truly discriminating shooter that must have the best–the premium package is for you. If you want something more basic that substantially improves the pistol without adding tons of cost, the basic grip job is for you.”

Technical Specs:

Caliber: 9mm
Barrel Length: 5 in (est)
Capacity: 17rd (Magpul, 2 Included)
Grip: Standard (Single Undercut)
Trigger: SS Elite Trigger
Slide Type: Carry Cut
Slide Finish: Black DLC
Barrel: Threaded DLC (Black) Finish, Dimpled Fluting
Recoil Rod: Polymer
Extractor: Billet
Front Sights: Red Fiber Optic
Rear Cover Plate: Aluminum Machine

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