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Buck Mark Vision Black/Gold Suppressor Ready – Vortex Red Dot


Buck Mark Vision Black/Gold Suppressor Ready – Vortex Red Dot CALIBER • BARREL LENGTH
22 LR • 5 7/8″
Item Number

22 LR
Barrel Length
5 7/8″

Overall Length
9 9/10″
27 oz

Magazine Capacity
Sight Radius
8 1/4″

Barrel Finish
Anodized Black
Receiver Finish
Anodized Black

Front Sight
Fiber Optic
Rear Sight
Windage Adjustable

Barrel Material
Receiver Material
Aluminum Alloy

Trigger Finish
Gold Plated
Trigger Guard Finish
Matte Black

Magazine Type
Single Stack
Trigger Material

Trigger Guard Material
Pistol Rug



Vision models feature more than striking looks, they are also deceptively lightweight. The solid steel barrel is replaced with a smaller diameter inner steel barrel that is surrounded by a tensioning outer aluminum sleeve. With a Buck Mark Vision, you get legendary accuracy in a much lighter, more nimble package that is ideal for field and competition use.

The Browning Buck Mark has withstood the test of time and remains a favorite among rimfire plinkers and competitive shooters. The single-action, blowback operated autoloading design is one of simpllicity and reliability. The controls are easy to reach and use.

Quality is the secret to the reliability and accuracy of the Buck Mark. The frame of every Buck Mark starts out as a billet of lightweight aluminum that is precision machined to exacting tolerances. Barrels are produced from top-notch materials and include a hand-reamed chamber and recessed muzzle crown. Several styles of grips are available to suit your style and hand size.

This model includes a Vortex® Crossfire red dot sight, perfect for faster target acquisition and accuracy. The low red dot mount allows the sights to co-witness through the red dot sight. Co-witnessed sights means that the iron sights and red dot point of aim are in alignment, giving you backup sights should the red dot fail. This is useful if the battery in the red dot gives out or the red dot fails for another reason, and also if you remove the red dot it can quickly be re-zeroed using the iron sights without sighting-in again.

NOTE: Restricted in California, Maryland and Massachusetts

Vortex® Crossfire® Red Dot Sight with new co-witness sights included
Lightweight Vision barrel with all black aluminum outer sleeve and Cerakote Gold finish on inner steel barrel
1/2″-28 suppressor threads, muzzle brake supplied
Black composite UFX grips with rubber overmolding
TRUGLO® fiber-optic front sight
Includes pistol rug


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