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Grip Sleeves for Guns: New Hogue HandALL

Hogue has added a couple of new models to their line of slip-on beavertail pistol grips: the HandALL for SIG P365-XMacro and Taurus GX4 and XL handguns. Grips like these might seem a counterintuitive accessory for micro-compact handguns, which are by design small and thin. However, while the quarter-inch increase in grip size does make the weapon incrementally wider, that modest amount might be sufficient to make slimlines and micros something a shooter with larger hands can carry.

(L) Beavertail HoldALL for XMacro (R) Bevertail HoldALL for GX4/XL models.
(L) Black Beavertail HoldALL for XMacro (R) Greeen Bevertail HoldALL for GX4/XL models.

Hogue P365-XMACRO / Taurus GX4 HandALL Grip Sleeves

Production grip sleeves (and “field expedient” additions to grips) have been around for a very long time. The last decade has seen some grip sleeve use replaced by custom and factory stippling, but there is still a large market for them. One of the biggest groups of users is those who don’t want (or are not allowed to) permanently alter the original factory condition of their pistol frame. Hogue Grips are a good, reversible way to achieve grip modification to someone’s preferred level of texture.

A grip sleeve is intended to do more than mitigate the drawbacks of some weapons’ geometry and texture. They are usually designed to provide some specific advantages (see below for more detail).

Grip sleeves also have other advantages, though most are not strictly quantifiable. The first and most obvious is improving the continuance of a comfortable, effective master grip. Those can be distilled to a few significant points.

  1. The palm swell helps “fit” the hand.
  2. Finger grooves are intended to position fingers for optimal grip (though this only works if your hand is the right size).
  3. A textured pattern helps maintain grip when wet, sweaty, muddy, bloody, etc.
  4. The beavertail portion protects the dominant shooting hand’s purlicue (that’s the stretch between the thumb and index finger).
  5. The grip’s softer material is intended to reduce felt recoil (another comfort issue).
  6. A selection of colors will please the matchy-matchy type gun owners and the more “sartorially” minded.

You can find a selection of Hogue products in stock right now in the warehouse.

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