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DeSantis Gunhide: Reversible CCW Belt

Whether you’re carrying concealed or openly, your choice of belt matters just as much as your holster. With the wrong belt, you won’t get the support and stiffness required to keep your holstered gun precisely where it should be with no sagging or slipping. The DeSantis 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW Belt is designed with gun owners in mind and made to function exactly as a gun belt should: by doing its part to keep your gun secure.

DeSantis Gunhide belt
The DeSantis Gunhide 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW Belt is designed specifically for gun owners. (Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide)

DeSantis Gunhide has been in the business of producing high-quality belts and holsters for decades. The team at DeSantis understands the need for well-made, reliable gear, and that extends to the thought and care that must go into the creation of belts. A gun owner’s belt might not be the most exciting piece of equipment, but it just might be one of the most important. The DeSantis Gunhide 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW Belt is made with those who carry firearms for defensive purposes in mind. It provides the necessary support to keep your holstered gun in place, and it looks good doing it.

Desantis gunbelt
DeSantis designs all their gun belts to perform as needed, meaning they support the holstered gun and keep it in place for the moment it’s needed. (Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide)

This belt is #B54 in the company catalog. The 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW belt is made with strict attention to detail using two thick bands of premium saddle leather for durability, longevity, and a bit of style. Bands are meticulously cemented and stitched together using the company’s propriety nylon cord for a reliable, tight stitch and the ability to withstand extensive wear. The layers in between contain a polymer stiffener designed to keep the belt from sagging under the weight of the handgun, no matter its bulk. The final eight inches of the belt are unreinforced because that’s what it takes to get flawless buckle engagement, another important gun belt feature.

This belt can be reversed in seconds with a flat head/slotted screwdriver so the wearer can choose between black or brown. Available sizes range from 28 to 60. Spare keepers are included with every belt.

desantis holster and belt
In addition to the 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW Belt, DeSantis has a full line of holsters and other styles of belts. (Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide)

Features of the DeSantis Gunhide 1 ½ inch Reversible CCW Belt:

  • 1 ½ inch width means it fits a wide variety of holsters.
  • Reversible design with one black and one brown side.
  • Unreinforced area around buckle so the buckle works reliably.
  • Internal polymer stiffener to increase rigidity and create a stable foundation for your holstered gun.
  • Ranges in sizes in even numbers between 28 and 60.
  • Made from premium steerhide for aesthetics and quality.
  • Stitched using DeSantis’ proprietary cord for superior durability.
  • Made for daily use so it’s a good option for those with an everyday carry gun.
  • Squared belt buckle is designed to be both aesthetically appealing and functionally secure.
desantis gunhide belt
DeSantis Gunhide belts pair well with their leather holsters. (Photo credit: DeSantis Gunhide)

MSRP for the DeSantis Gunhide 1 1/2 inch Reversible CCW Belt starts at $119.99.

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