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Burris Signature LRF 10×42 Rangefinding Binoculars

Burris, one of the biggest names in optics both in the field and on the range, has upped its offerings with the release of the Signature LRF 10×42 rangefinding binoculars. This unit combines the effectiveness of binoculars in the field with the accuracy of a solid rangefinder to give a new level of fast and accurate ranging.

According to Burris, the Signature LRF 10×42 is built off the Signature HD series binoculars and years of research from products like the Eliminator riflescope and the Oracle bow sights. Combining these attributes, the unit brings what is said to blazing fast results up to 2600 yards with a clear image.

Signature LRF 10x42 binoculars
Burris has combined two great products with the Signature LRF 10×42 rangefinding binoculars. This unit offers clarity and rangefinding up to 2,600 yards, with four range modes to choose from. With loads of options and uses, this unit is a nice addition to the Signature lineup. (Photo credit: Burris Optics)

With the integrated rangefinder, the Signature FLR 10×42 can give the user anything they would need in any environment with ballistic management data. Thanks to the heads-up display, the information is easy to see and interpret on the go. The display has five ranging options including:

  • Line-of-sight (LOS) only
  • Horizontal distance (HOR) only
  • LOR and HOR
  • LOS and angle (ANG) above and below horizontal
  • HOR and ANG

Burris goes on to say that with the data provided, the Signature LRF 1-x42 is accurate to within 1 yard at under 1,000 yards and ±2 yards over 1,000.


The unit has five ranging modes for the shooter to choose from. These include Auto, Sport (closest target), Hunt (farthest range of target), and Scan (range readings). These work great with the HD optical design, delivering high-class performance for sharp images and clarity. The unit is able to do this with the multi-coated HD lenses and BaK-4 roof prisms.

The Signature LRF 10×42 has a shockproof chassis complete with no-slip rubber armor and is nitrogen filled for better function in harsh conditions. As the name implies, it houses a 10x42mm optic giving a low-glare, high resolution that shooters and hunters require. The unit can Fast Focus at an object as close as 12 yards and has a field of view of 334 feet at 1,000 yards.

The Signature LRF 10×42 rangefinding binoculars are a lighter-weight option, weighing only 36 ounces. They are waterproof up to 1 meter deep. According to Burris, the unit is a great companion to the Veracity and XTR line of optics, but is a great stand-alone unit as well. The Burris Signature LRF 10×42 rangefinding binoculars have an MSRP of $1,200.

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