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Bersa BAR15 and BAR9: American Made

Choosing a firearm for defensive purposes is typically a matter of finding a reliable, accurate gun that’s the correct size and caliber for the situation. If you’re looking for a home defense or truck gun, you have more room to choose because it doesn’t have to be holstered. AR pistols and rifles come in quite useful for those applications, and Bersa has an entire lineup of new firearms that could easily become your next gun for your home or vehicle. The BAR15 and BAR9 series are AR rifles and pistols designed to Bersa’s exacting standards, and you should definitely check out these American-made guns.


bersa bar15
The Bersa BAR15 is a 5.56 NATO chambered AR pistol. (Photo credit: Bersa)

Bersa’s BAR15 line includes a trio of guns: a 7.5-inch barrel AR pistol and a pair of rifles with 16-inch barrels. All three BAR15 options are chambered in 5.56 NATO. The BAR15 7.5 inch 5.56 MFT is an AR pistol with some Mission First Tactical, hence the name MFT. The pistol has a 30 +1 capacity and ships with one MFT magazine. It has an overall length of 23.25 inches with the buffer tube at its shortest and 26.25 inches with the buffer tube extended. Bersa lists its empty weight as 5 pounds, 4 ounces, making it a nice, lightweight option for defensive or range use.

BAR15 AR pistol
The BAR15 has three options including the pictured AR pistol which has a 7.5-inch barrel. (Photo credit: Bersa)

The Bersa BAR15 16-inch 5.56 Magpul has a Magpul MOE stock and pistol grip. This carbine length AR is shown with a 32.5-inch length with the stock collapsed and 35.75 inches with the stock fully extended. Thanks to the adjustable stock, this gun can be adjusted for length of pull according to the shooter’s needs. Features include a class III hard anodized finish for resistance to wear, a 1 in 7 twist rate, and an empty weight of 6 pounds, 4 ounces.

bersa bar15 carbine
The Bersa BAR15 16 inch 5.56 Magpul has Magpul furniture. (Photo credit: Bersa)

As for the BAR15 6 inch 5.56 MFT, it’s another carbine length AR with features quite similar to those of the other carbine in the line. However, it has Mission First Tactical furniture with a Minimalist stock.


The company’s BAR9 line includes two AR pistols, one with a four-inch barrel and one with an eight-inch barrel. The first is the Bersa BAR9 four-inch with a compensator. This pistol is chambered in 9x19mm Parabellum and has a 30 +1 capacity with the included Bersa magazine. Features include a KAW Valley XL Slim 9mm Compensator, Magpul MOE+ pistol grip, and 1-in-10 twist rate. This model has an overall length of  21.5 inches with the buffer tube at its shortest and 24.25 inches with the tube at its full length.

bersa bar9 ar pistol
The Bersa BAR9 AR pistol is offered with either a four-inch or an eight-inch barrel. (Photo credit: Bersa)

Next up is the Bersa BAR9 eight-inch with compensator, another 9mm chambered AR pistol. This pistol shares features with the shorter-barreled BAR9, making the overall size the biggest difference between the two. The gun has an overall length of 26.0 inches with the tube at its shortest and 29.0 inches with the tube extended. Its empty weight is five pounds, 12 ounces.

MSRP for the BAR15 and BAR9 guns varies by specific model.

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