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San Tan Tactical®, Hornady Mfg®, and Proof Research® have partnered up on the San Tan new 6ARC rifles. San Tan’s innovative high-quality firearm systems and unparalleled performance in combination with Hornady’s New 6ARC round originally developed for a specialized group within the US DoD, and Proof Research premium carbon fiber barrels take the AR15 platform to a whole new level!

The Hornady 6ARC Round

Hornady Mfg® a leading ammunition manufacturer provides world-class performance in a 6ARC factory-loaded cartridge. The high-performance, match-accurate round features an excellent cartridge-to-chamber relationship and shoots exceptionally well. The 6ARC is commercially available in 108gr ELD-MATCH, 105gr BTHP BLACK, and 103gr ELD-X -Precision Hunter loads. The ELD-Match round boasts a G1.536BC.

6mm ARC Advanced Rifle Cartridge… Advanced. Versatile. Efficient. Effective.

Tested, selected, and fielded by a specialized group within the US DoD for its multi-purpose combat rifle program, the 6mm ARC is an extremely versatile cartridge that does everything much larger cartridges can, and everything that smaller cartridges can’t. Designed to meet the demanding needs of the world’s toughest critics, the 6mm ARC is a truly advanced cartridge capable of utilizing high BC, efficient 6mm bullets for unprecedented levels of performance from such a compact platform.

Advanced–Purpose-built to achieve performance never before delivered from the AR-15 platform by providing the ultimate blend of system weight, performance, and shootability.

Versatile-Equally at home in AR-15 platforms and short or micro action bolt guns and suitable for a variety of applications from personal defense, match shooting, hunting as well as military and law enforcement use.

Efficient –Balanced application of cartridge and chamber geometry & interface, propellant design and bullet selection for optimum performance and barrel life, the 6mm ARC has unmatched long-range performance from the AR-15 or micro action platform.

Effective–Excellent terminal performance from an assortment of bullet selections, for a variety of applications.


Features match accurate Hornady bullets that are held to the tightest tolerances in our test lab.
Low recoil
Utilizes an efficient propellant charge and bullet weight combination.
Self-spot impacts on or off-target to make rapid adjustments.
Less felt recoil than larger short action-based (308 Win family) cartridges.
Factory ammunition offerings in a variety of bullet styles may be complemented by the handloader who has a multitude of 6mm bullets to choose from for specialized applications from varmint and deer hunting to match shooting needs

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