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True North Concepts MHA Universal Mount

True North Concepts has a company mission of creating the finest mission-essential tools their minds and bodies can build. The company now offers an aftermarket mounting option for non-Safariland holsters with the Modular Holster Adapter (MHA) system. The MHA Universal Mount is designed to allow cross-compatibility with different types of holsters’ quick detach systems.

True North Concepts MHA Universal Mount and holstered handgun
The Modular Holster Adapter Universal Mount from True North Concepts allows the use of non-Safariland holsters with the Safarlinad 3-hole mounting pattern. (Photo credit: True North Concepts)

The MHA Universal Mount, made of advanced polymer construction, replaces all the preceding adapters for non-Safariland holsters and allows for a wide array of popular holsters to fit with the Modular Holster Adapter system. There are not many aftermarket mounting options for those non-Safariland holsters, so the True North option, opens the doors for many applications that once wouldn’t work, like a G-Code RTI quick detach system used on a Safariland holster.

With the innovative design, the end user can easily and quickly convert their holsters that do not use the Safariland 3-hole pattern. The end user just needs to install the Universal Mount to the back of the holster with the hardware that is included in the package. Once on the holster, the Universal Mount allows the user to mount the holster on the Modular Holster Adapter, or any other belt attachment platform that also uses the Safariland style mounting pattern.

The MHA Universal Mount adds little over half an ounce to the overall weight of the rig, without the hardware. The Universal Mount also ships with a full hardware kit for the holsters listed below that are compatible with it.

The Universal Mount fits the following formats of holster:

  • Blackhawk T-series Duty Holsters
  • Blackhawk EPOCH and OMNIVORE multi-fit Holsters
  • G-Code SOC, OSL, XST holsters
  • Alien Gear Holsters Rapid Force Duty Holsters
  • DARA Holsters Duty Holsters
  • Any holster that uses the Safariland 3-hole pattern
  • Supports the use of G-Code RTI, Safariland QLS, and T-series (QD2) formats of quick detach systems

The Modular Holster Adapter Universal Mount from True North Concepts is only currently available in black. MSRP is $29.99.

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