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GForce Arms Huckleberry: Lever-Action Shotgun

When you think of lever-action rifles, you probably immediately think about 45-70 Government and 30-30 Winchester. There’s more to lever life than those cartridges, though. GForce Arms has come out with a 410 Bore lever-action shotgun. Not only is it tactical in appearance, but it also packs a decent punch thanks to its chambering. Whether you’re a fan of levers or a shotgun lover, the GForce Arms Huckleberry is well worth a closer look.

GForce Arms Huckleberry lever action shotgun
The GForce Arms Huckleberry is a lever-action shotgun offered in a number of different configurations. (Photo credit: GForce Arms)

According to the manufacturer, this 410 Bore model is their shotgun addition to the Huckleberry line. It’s meant for lever action lovers that prefer a modern twist with finishes and features. The Huckleberry sports a tactically-appealing skeletonized stock, MLOK/Picatinny compatible forend, and high-grade aluminum receiver. GForce Arms Lifetime Limited Warranty does apply to this gun.

shotshell holder
A closer look at the aluminum shotshell holder on the skeletonized stock of the Huckleberry. (Photo credit: GForce Arms)

This is a gun created to take the lever action shotgun into the modern era. From its relatively light recoil, smooth cycling, and fast handling, it’s the ideal match for serious shooters. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to the world of levers or have admired them for years; the Huckleberry is a fun, useful firearm worth considering adding to your collection.

Features of the Huckleberry in 410 Bore include:

  • 20-inch or 24-inch barrel length. The shorter length serves as a better brush or truck gun while a longer barrel can slightly increase velocity and accuracy.
  • 7-round or 9-round capacity depending on barrel length.
  • High-visibility front sight for rapid target acquisition and to draw the eye.
  • The open rear sight helps the eye focus on the front sight.
  • QD loop sling mounts facilitate easy attachment of a sling.
  • Picatinny rail atop the handguard at the rear makes it simple to add an optic or red dot sight to the gun.
  • The Picatinny rail beneath the handguard at the muzzle end is ideal for lights and lasers.
  • M-LOK compatible forend is great for aftermarket accessories like lights and lasers.
  • The gun takes 2.5-inch 410 Bore shotshells.
  • The skeletonized stock makes it lighter weight overall.
  • Easy to operate loops on lever.
  • The overall length of 39 inches or 43 inches depending on the barrel length.
  • An aluminum shotshell holder is on the side of the stock for extra storage of spare ammunition.
  • The Huckleberry weighs either 7 pounds 9 ounces or 8 pounds 1 ounce depending on barrel length.
  • It is side-loading and ejecting lever-action, meaning the loading gate is in the right-hand side of the receiver.
lever action receiver
The Huckleberry is designed with attention to detail. (Photo credit: GForce Arms)

The Huckleberry 410 Bore lever-action is a great option for target shooting and hunting small predators and varmints. It’s even a solid choice for youth shooters thanks to the small amount of felt recoil and muzzle rise. Even the action of manipulating the lever can be easier for small hands than working a pump-action shotgun.

MSRP for the GForce Arms Huckleberry 410 Bore is not known at this time.

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