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CZ USA 600 Range Rifle: Sub 3/4 MOA Precision

There’s nothing quite like running a well-made bolt-action rifle, and when the gun in question promises to deliver sub-3/4 MOA accuracy, it’s even better. The CZ USA 600 Range Rifle offers that and more. It’s a versatile rifle that can handle all manner of uses and is capable of stellar precision. This isn’t just a rifle, it could be the bolt-action you reach for more than any other gun in your collection.

cz usa 600 range rifle
The CZ USA 600 Range Rifle is designed for the ultimate in precision shooting. (Photo credit: CZ USA)

Yes, this is a production rifle, and it’s designed by CZ USA to set the standard for accuracy and precision. Although it was originally created with precision competition shooters in mind, it can do just about anything.

CZ USA states that accuracy begins with a high-quality barrel which is why they designed the 600 Range with the best barrel for the job. The gun has a heavy cold-hammer-forged barrel that’s threaded, making it suppressor-ready. It measures 24 inches in length and is made from blued steel. According to CZ, it’s made to achieve peak velocities from 6mm Creedmoor and .308 Winchester cartridges, both of which are widely used by many gun owners.

cz usa rifle
The rifle was made with competition shooters in mind but is a fantastic choice for all gun owners. (Photo credit: CZ USA)

The rifle has a smooth-cycling 60-degree bolt throw made for fast handling and simplicity. Its overall design also increases clearance between the bolt and optic, making it far easier to cycle the gun without fighting for space under a scope. In addition, the bolt has an oversized alloy bolt knob to improve control and maneuverability even while wearing gloves.

The receiver is made from steel to add weight, stiffness, and longevity to the action—characteristics that are a must for a competition gun or any firearm seeing extensive use. The gun is fed by a detachable magazine for quick reloads; the mag is held securely in place by a selectable locking feature. And, of course, the magazine can be topped off through the ejection port.

CZ 600 Range bolt action rifle
The 600 Range rifle is sub ¾ MOA guaranteed at 100 meters. (Photo credit: CZ USA)

This rifle has a butthook-style stock with QD attachment points on either side. It also has a tool-free adjustable cheekpiece so the height can be changed according to the specific needs of the user for the best possible cheek weld. The stock is made from laminated wood for rigidity and resistance to wear and tear. It’s colored an eye-catching black and brown layered pattern that gives the rifle additional aesthetic appeal.

cz 600 range stock adjustable cheek riser
The adjustable cheek riser doesn’t require tools. (Photo credit: CZ USA)

Features of the rifle include:

  • The cold hammer-forged barrel is suppressor ready so you can protect your hearing.
  • Easy to convert caliber, making it a versatile platform.
  • The ergonomic grip shape is designed for right-handed shooters with thumb and hand support, which is a must for lengthy live-fire sessions.
  • CZ’s own adjustable trigger doesn’t require removing the stock to adjust it. Rotate the 4-position dial to choose your pull weight anywhere between 1.3 and 3 lbs.
  • QD studs are situated beneath the forend of the rifle along with dual sling studs.
  • The tool-free, adjustable cheekpiece offers a better cheek weld, which improves accuracy.
  • The drilled and tapped steel receiver simplifies the addition of a scope.

MSRP for the CZ USA 600 Range Rifle is set at $1199.00.

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